How to Care for Your Granite Composite Sink

Posted by Pearl Canada on 2020 Apr 6

How to Care for Your Granite Composite Sink

How to Care for Your Granite Composite Sink

So, you took the plunge: instead of the traditional stainless steel kitchen sink, you decided to try out the trendy, more modern granite composite sink in your most recent renovation. What a lot of people don’t consider until the sink is installed, and maybe not even until it’s been a few days, is how to clean it.

It’s easy to find information on stainless steel sinks; everyone and their dog has one in their kitchen! But the problem with being a trend setter is that there isn’t as much information out there, and many find themselves running into this problem when they first go to clean their granite composite sink. Luckily, you will find these sinks are very easy to clean, and require minimal maintenance to keep looking new! 

For everyday cleaning and preventative maintenance, it’s best to clean your sink with regular dish soap and warm water after each use. Things that could leave lasting marks on your sink, such as stains or hard water marks, will only do so if allowed to build up over time, so you can easily nip that process in the bud by cleaning your sink with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

Towel it off once you’ve washed it to avoid evaporating water leaving hard water stains behind. Avoid leaving wet sponges or cloths sitting inside the sink, or leaving plastic tubs or mats inside the sink for extended periods of time, as these can cause markings as well. By doing these things, you are unlikely to ever need to do too much deep cleaning to your sink, but if something does sneak by you it is not too difficult to get rid of it. 

Not all sinks are created equal, and so is this true for granite composite. Depending on the brand and manufacturer, maintenance and stain removal may be more or less difficult. Before you start to clean your sink, it is a good idea to look up the company that made it to see if there are any specific instructions for cleaning. For example, brands like Pearl actually sell a cleaner made specifically for their line of Vertu granite composite sinks.

This is always a good sign, because it means that the company stands behind their products and has put forethought into how their customers can enjoy their products for as long as possible. If the company you purchased your sink from doesn’t supply their own cleaner, regular vinegar often works well to remove those stubborn stains. Mix equal parts vinegar and water, and using a soft sponge clean the sink, taking special care on the parts that are stained. Ensure you rinse your sink out thoroughly afterwards, and that no vinegar is left to sit for extended periods of time on the surface of your sink. 

Now that you’re a bit more educated on cleaning your sink, it’s time to go out and start that preventative cleaning! While it may seem like a difficult habit to keep up, if you can clean your sink every time it gets heavy use, it will pay off in the long run. However, if you do let something slip, it’s not too difficult to put in the extra elbow grease and get that cleaned up with the forgiving nature of the granite composite.