How to Create a Designer Kitchen in a Tight Space

Posted by Pearl Canada on 2021 Jan 13

How to Create a Designer Kitchen in a Tight Space

When it comes to creating your dream kitchen, you don’t want to settle for anything but the best. You want a designer kitchen that will be on par with what you see in interior design magazines and websites. However, this can seem like a tall order when you’re working with a limited amount of space. Is it possible to create a kitchen that is just as perfect as those you see in sprawling houses in a smaller space? Luckily, the answer is yes, if you play your cards right. 

Small Kitchen Design 

Companies like Pearl know that small does not have to mean low quality, which is why they offer their best selling sinks in smaller sizes, as well as options for unique counter shapes. The Hana line comes in every shape and size under the sun, with models of high quality, surgical grade steel kitchen sinks going as small as 19” wide in the Hana-FR.

They also carry shorter faucets that can fit underneath cabinets without looking cramped, such as the Olivia, Altera, Massa II, and Miller. For the ultimate space-saving strategy, the Cuvi-Metro and the Cuvi-City come equipped with integrated accessories as well as a smaller footprint, so you can save on counter space in two ways! Making use of accessories will allow you to bring the jobs you usually need a counter for into the sink itself, making clean up and prep a breeze. Options like the Kilo or Akoya can fit into funky countertops and make use of spaces that would otherwise be left bare!

Remember, good things come in small packages, and your kitchen can be one of them! Being smart when choosing your products can go a long way towards taking a tiny, cramped kitchen and making it a compact, well organized space.

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