Posted by Pearl Canada on 2020 Feb 7


In 2016, the hygge trend (pronounced HOO-gah) took the internet by storm. The Danish term exploded onto the scene, bringing with it its core values (an emphasis on being warm and cozy at all times, as well as generally doing/wearing/being around things that make you feel good) via loads of home accessories that brought upon feelings of, well, warmth and fuzziness

Since then, we haven’t been able to turn a corner at a home decor store without coming face to face with cable-knit blankets and cozy pillows. And don’t even get us started on scrolling through our Instagram feeds. We’ve officially reached peak hygge. Not that we’re complaining. Hygge is, above all else, a way of life. In fact, it’s what many people attribute to the fact that Denmark is, statistically speaking, home to the happiest people on earth. If hygge means curling up under a blanket with a book and a warm cup of tea, then sign us up from now until the end of time, please and thank you.

So while we’ll never tire of hygge, we are curious as to what its next iteration will be. Surely we can’t rely on fuzzy pillows forever. Enter: clouds. Yes, the fluffy things in the sky. Except all over your home. Hear us out. 

Once upon a time, clouds were reserved for children’s bedrooms only, seen hanging on baby mobiles and as crib accessories. But fast forward to today and we’re seeing that cloud accessories are having a major moment. Why? Here's our theory: Clouds are the ultimate in hygge-eqsue luxury. Have you ever heard someone say they were “on star nine” or that they felt they were “walking on a pillow”? No, because what’s cozier and more comfortable than a cloud? In fact, dare we say that all those fuzzy decorative pillows lining your couch were a stepping stone to, and even paved the way for, the cloud trend? 

We’ve rounded up six cute ways to incorporate clouds into your home — and none are from the kids' section.


Cloud-shaped rug, $60,


This adorable 100% low pile wool rug makes a dreamy addition to any bedroom. 


LED Neon Cloud Wall Decor


Because we’ll never tire of neon signs. 


Waiting Magritte Art Print


This gorgeous print is dark, mysterious and totally chic.


Cloud-Shaped Essential Oil Diffuser

What’s more calming than a cloud-shaped ceramic oil diffuser to release your favourite scents into your home?


Cloud Cover Wallpaper

Really looking to lean into the cloud trend? This moody wallpaper comes in two different colour schemes.


Knighten Cloud-Shaped Shelf

Perfect for holding candles, books and knick-knacks, this white metal cloud shelf will add a heavenly touch to any room. 

Source: Styleathome